Lady checking credit score for free
9 Mar 2022

It is very important to be aware of your credit score and to check it regularly.  A healthy credit score goes in your favour when applying for loans, credit cards, and mortgages. There are many other companies who will also do a credit search for example utility companies, landlords, mobile phone providers even employers.

2 Mar 2022

GMB Credit Union was established in 1999, to provide simpler, fairer savings and loans for GMB members and their families. This mission remains the same today and is achieved through market-leading rates and the abundance of tips and tools available to our community.  

happy people
2 Mar 2022

How you manage your personal finances can either help or hinder you. When you make the right choices about money you can feel good about what you’re spending your money on and how it’s used.  

2 Feb 2022

Why choose GMB Credit Union?   We asked our members why they choose to manage their finances with GMB Credit Union.  Check out the video below to find out what they had to say.   

2 Feb 2022

How can you summarise GMB Credit Union?   What is GMB Credit Union like? We set our members the challenge to summarise us in just three words. Listen to what our members had to say below.   

2 Feb 2022

How do you get involved with GMB Credit Union?   There are a few ways that people come across our Credit Union. However, on large, our Credit Union is a GMB member benefit. It helps GMB members and their families access better financial alternatives.