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21 Dec 2021

For many members accessing short-term credit is unavoidable so if you need money fast, is there another, better way?

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1 Dec 2021

In the first of our three-part blog series, we explored what short-term credit is and touched on how it’s affecting us as a nation and individually.

1 Nov 2021

Expensive short-term credit is damaging the nation. Between us, we owe a total of £56.4 billion in credit card debt, and a staggering 14 million of us are using costly unauthorised overdrafts. 

29 Sep 2021

Did you know we develop our adult money habits at the age of just seven?

6 Sep 2021

Digital services at their best - that’s Open Banking.  It’s simple, secure and provides big benefits for you and your lender.  

2 Aug 2021

Getting into debt can happen to anyone. Divorce. Redundancy. Illness. These are just some of the life events which can overwhelm us, leaving us unable to pay household bills and repay credit cards and loans.