8 Mar 2023

In an ideal world, you’d love to be able to comfortably save money for a house deposit, a car or even a family holiday. But in reality, simply getting by is the financial priority of most people at the moment.   Times are hard, but as a GMB Credit Union member, you’re never alone.  

3 Feb 2023

Fraudsters are inventive, and they constantly come up with new ways to scam hardworking people. So what can you do to recognise and avoid the most common finance scams?  

28 Nov 2022

‘Buy now, pay later’ has boomed in popularity in recent years with over 150 companies globally tempting consumers to split or delay payments on everything from takeaways to TVs. And while it may seem an easy, risk-free option, it is a form of debt which can have a negative impact on your longer-term financial wellbeing.  

19 Oct 2022

Everyone experiences financial challenges at times but, right now, we know things feel harder than usual. Therefore, as the cost-of-living crisis affects more and more areas of your life, we wanted to remind you that we’re here to help in a number of ways.  

25 Aug 2022

It comes as no surprise that some GMB members are struggling to come to terms with managing their finances or repaying outstanding debts because of the current escalating cost-of-living crisis.   At the same time, members are being bombarded by debt management firms, promising easy ways to escape debt problems.  

2 Aug 2022

Bills and prices continue to rise while incomes freeze or drop, as we struggle through the cost-of-living crisis.