With our focus on affordable lending and market-leading savings rates many members may not be aware that GMB Credit Union has its own monthly Prize Draw. However, in April 2021, after a hard year, we decided to revamp and enhance our monthly Prize Draw.
But why raise the profile of our Prize Draw? Let's take a look at 3 core reasons.

Support for our Community     

We may not have the funds of the National Lottery however our Prize Draw can certainly put a smile on your face and of course your chances of winning are much higher. 

However, whether you win or not, your money will be going to like-minded members. This is consistent with the Credit Union philosophy of retaining money within the community and using it to generate benefit for members and the causes that members care about. 

By participating in the Prize Draw you will be helping households like yours to do something worthwhile. Prize Draw winners will not be buying a yacht however it could mean a new bike for the kids or an opportunity for you to redecorate the lounge.


Support for Charities     

The Covid pandemic hit charities very hard and it is estimated that one in ten charities faced bankruptcy during 2021. This means that many of the causes our members hold dear are feeling the crunch and whilst we may wish to help it is difficult to make donations in the current economic climate.  

Therefore, from 30 April 2021 the GMBCU Prize Draw winner will be asked to nominate a charity of their choice. GMBCU will then donate on the winner’s behalf an amount equal to their Prize Draw winning amount. 

This charitable donation enables us all to engage and will increase the community value of the Prize Draw. 

To date, our members Prize Draw has supported:

Sharing a little optimism

Dare we say it we also want our members to have some fun.

It has been a hard couple of years and we have taken note that it is the little things that our members have looked forward to and it's these same things that have kept them going.

How does the GMBCU Prize Draw operate?  

The Prize Draw is open to all GMBCU members aged 18 or over.

The Prize Draw takes place monthly on the last working day of each month. Prize Draw tickets are £1.00 each and there is a maximum holding of ten tickets per member.  

All Prize Draw tickets allocated are entered automatically into each monthly draw and the lucky winner is drawn randomly by computer. 

100% of funds raised by the monthly prize draw tickets will be allocated as follows: 

o    50% to the monthly Prize draw winner 
o    50% to a registered Charity of the winner’s choice

We wish to run our monthly Prize Draw as a fun, purposeful benefit for members. So, for example with every 10 tickets purchased the prize pot increases by £10. As you can see from the table below this can amount to a tidy monthly sum for both members and charities if we can encourage member participation. 

If you would like to join our monthly Prize Draw you can apply by completing a simply Prize Draw form. We will then add the ticket value to the amount we collect by direct debit from your nominated bank account. This means you will them be entered automatically into each monthly Prize Draw.

Please see our terms and conditions here where we step you through the detail or, alternatively, if you wish to discuss or join the Prize Draw, contact us here.
So, participate in our Prize Draw have some fun, support your community and give yourself a chance of supporting your favoured charity. 
All we have left to say is: good luck!